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Light, Camera, Steak and Wine at Paparazzi Tuscan

A good steak is a thing of beauty but a good Chateaubriand is the sort of meal that might make you want to run away and open a cattle farm. 

Cut from the centre of the fillet, a Chateaubriand offers the perfect balance of juicy texture and flavour. 

Let it melt in your mouth with our limited-time offer on a Chateaubriand and wine for two in the gorgeous Paparazzi Tuscan. 

Includes & General terms & conditions

Location: Paparazzi Tuscan Restaurant, 14th Floor Paramount Hotel Midtown 

Timing: Every Wednesdays 12.30 PM – 11.30 PM 

Price: 555 AED. Good for 2 people 

Book by WHATSAPP: +971 58 826 5729 ; midtown.paparazzi@paramounthotelsdubai.com